We are competing in short handed sailing events.
The characteristics of Classe Mini 6.50 compliant boats let us choose this type of boat for preparation and competition.

Our next goal is to engage to sail in Classe Mini 6.50 events.

We love to get in contact with other sailors who need delivery support or get their boats ready for a special trip.

Stay tuned for updates and see you soon on the water.


What makes our partners and us different?

Carefully chosen partners enable us using our passion to improve performance in any aspect towards our objectives.

In order to minimize our footprint in our environment at sea and at shore we chose materials and energy sources accordingly. In fact 100% clean and renewable energy are only one aspect.

Our proven and reliable long-run partners are


Become a partner! Let us discuss how you can participate!


Emilia Rauschert

Thomas Woithe 

Training and Preparation 2019-2023

Training and preparation of a new focus. Refining for Classe Mini 6.50 and young talents.

MidsummerSail 2018

1st Place, smallest ship, smallest crew (single handed, approx. 1000 SM)

Dela (Dehler 35 CWS)

Team member's experience (shortened)

The team is experienced from olympic classes to cruisers and racer-cruisers in different sea areas from crew to watch captain to skipper to boat building and also instructing young talents.



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